10.000 euros competition notice for all commercial activities – Results

It is with pleasure that we announce that the 10.000 euros competition notice for commercial activities is over.

Eight different companies took part in it: two coffee bars, a butcher shop, a carpenter’s shop, a clothing store, a beekeeper, a bed & breakfast and a literary café. We had a big response and we are very pleased. The projects presented were all very interesting, but unfortunately, we cannot afford to support them all. To select a winner we created a point system, and assigned points (on the basis of the scoring scale showed in the competition notice) to each project, by following the criteria mentioned in the notice, to ensure equity and directness.

The company awarded is Petrucci Enzo Carni – Arquata del Tronto, Ascoli Piceno – with a score of 43/52 (eight points more than the runner-up)


(First three positions)
Petrucci Enzo Carni. Arquata del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno) Score: 43
Pazzelli Graziano. Muccia (Macerata) Score: 35
Cococcioni Silvana. Cittareale (Rieti) Score: 33


Name of the project: Affiancare alla nostra tradizionale macelleria un’attività ristorativa – A food court area for the butcher shop

Objective of the project: before the earthquake, our shop was a community point of reference since we invested a lot in QUALITY and in the SHORT DISTRIBUTION CHAIN. The shop is condemned since October 30th, therefore the activity has been transferred to a field – two kilometres from the shop, on the Via Salaria – in a wooden prefabricated module. After the earthquake our job and many others has changed. The ones living in the area have been decimated (just think to Arquata del Tronto, half of the population will be back in the SAE) and the tourism will nearly disappear or at least it will deeply change. Starting from the assumption that in order to survive the changes it is necessary to adapt to them, and the realization that a decrease in sales would have occurred, we thought we needed to diversify our shop, implementing it by selling cooked meal. Therefore, considering that people do not stay long periods in these lands anymore, they arrive in the morning and leave in the evening and above all, they cannot cook their meal, we would provide them with cooked meals and deliver them to their houses. Moreover, there are many workers seeking for ready meal since they do not have the chance to cook. In conclusion: THERE WILL BE A HUGE INCREASE OF OUTDOOR MEALS and the activities that will last longer in this scenario are of this kind. This is the reason why we decided to implement our butchery with a meal service where CUSTOMERS can taste and appreciate our genuine and tasty foods even if they cannot cook. By doing so, we can both remedy to the decrease in sales and keep on working with the local meats. We would like to use your contribution to purchase an oven – OVEN RATIONAL – that is fundamental to realize this project – implement the butcher shop with a food court where you can have a variety of local products, a tasty snack or a lunch with tasty oven baked products. This specific kind of oven MAY help us in offering tasty meals even if we are not expert in the field. THEREFORE, your contribution will help us renewing and renovating our job by allowing us to better respond to the new restoring need of these affected lands and by keep on supporting the local breeders who have always counted on us.

Prospectus of the expenses: you can find attached the estimate and the characteristic of the oven so that you can evaluate everything in details. Along with that, there are the specification of the building we are realizing so that you can understand how important and brave this investment is for us.

Additional information: after the seismic events our shop building has been declared condemned and since we did not want to abandon the municipality we belong to, we decided to move our butcher shop two kilometres away  from the condemned building – as provided by  the article 1 clause 2 letter b of the Ordinanza del Commissario Straordinario per la Ricostruzione n.9 of December 4th, 2016.  In addition to the damage suffered by the property, its lack of accessibility has caused damage to the stock.  One of the walls of the refrigerating cell has been damaged and so has the counter and the back counter of the shop. Because of bureaucratic technicalities what should have been a quick relocation of the activity has ended up becoming LONG, EXHAUSTING and TRAGICOMIC.  Nevertheless, the shop has been moved to a temporary wooden structure that is located in a field in the industrial area of Arquata del Tronto on Via Salaria. The new shop has: a selling point, a laboratory for meat processing, a storage room and a locker room with toilets. In attached the project of the structure. The total investment foreseen for this TEMPORARY structure (it will be disassembled once the old shop is rebuilt) is 110137,94€ ,while the regional reimbursement is only 33530,00€ (350 € for each squared meter of the condemned structure) a very trivial  amount compared to the expense. This alone should demonstrate our will and desire to stay in our land and to start again from where everything was born.

We want to specify that:

The company is formed by three business partners, all from single-income families; no other family members are working. Alessandro Petrucci’s family is composed of four people, two of which are babies aged one and two. Manuele Petrucci’s family is composed of four people, two of which are five and two years old; Vittoria is a widow and lives alone. Our shop lost the refrigerating cells, the counter and the back counter, an industrial bonesaw and several meat hooks. The butcher shop was renowned because it only dealt with the local livestock. The meat never came from intensive livestock farming but from little livestock farms  from Rieti (Amatrice, Cittareale, Bacugno, Borbona, Posta etc.) and from Ascoli (Monefiorito, Montemonaco, Amandola etc.). Therefore, this shop is not only important for the customers but for the local breeders too; indeed they are able to have a fundamental point where thanks to our handicraft activities, this  meat is able to be processed into traditional local cold cuts (preservative free). Another fundamental activity is the processing of sheep meat for the production of arrosticini, which the area is well known for. The company has not received any state support, nor economically nor materially; on the contrary, it has encountered only problems with its reopening because of “bureaucratic technicalities.” We plead the municipality for, at least, a temporary module to stock the cold cuts reserves but they DID NOT HELP US. Fortunately, some associations supported us: the employees of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza donated us the counter, the Accademy of the Italian Kitchen donated us 4000€ to support this project, the Rinascita ha il cuore Giovane donated a Stagionello (curing cabinet) to allow our cold cuts to age since the cells we used are no longer accessible. I am convinced that this activity and this project can be fundamental for the socio-economic fabric of this area because we will be able to better process the meats and pleasing more breeders. Due to the earthquake, there has been a decrease in sales because of the decrease of the resident population and of the tourism. Being able to sell ready meals might be a good way to increment sells and to rebuild the once strong chain composed of BREEDER-BUTCHER-CUSTOMER.

In other words, I really believe that this process will help not only us but also the breeders that serve us; indeed, if we do not help them, they will be forced to sell their livestock to some reckless merchant who try to take advantage of people in such hard conditions.

WE ARE ONLY A TINY RING OF THE CHAIN THAT STARTS FROM THE BREEDER PASS THROUGH US AND ENDS WITH THE CUSTOMER. This chain is about to break. We would be able to offer to holidaymakers – who may have condemned or destroyed houses – and to passengers the chance of having a hot meal at any time. We truly believe in this project.



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