To join the association means to contribute in helping recover, promote and re-evaluate the areas of the Central Italy affected by the seismic swarm started on the 24th of August 2016. Since the very first days after the earthquake, we have worked for the Central Italy: La via del Sale Onlus is nowadays very well-known and appreciated thanks to its member’s commitment, to their time, passion and competences. Be a member of this association means to recognize yourself in this objective, to become an actor in this project and to be part of a group of people united by the same values. You can also volunteer for the project organized by #LVDS

Terms and Regulations:

Fill the form

Pay up the annual fee of minimum 10€, motive 2017/2018 annual membership + applicant surname and send a copy of the receipt of the payment  (the payment can be made by bank card at or by bank transfer at IBAN IT47O0100503240000000002838).

You will receive by mail a copy of your request signed by the council of the association and the official card of La Via del Sale Onlus.

Nb. The non-payment of the fee entail the rejection of the inscription request.
On the website you will find the statute of the association.

Join the association and help us supporting and sharing our projects. We have already done a lot but it is time to do even more.

Just a few steps to forward your request and we will get your card.

Dona subito la quota di 10€ per l’iscrizione tramite il tasto qui sotto


Oppure tramite bonifico (ricorda di inviarci la ricevuta di pagamento)

IBAN: IT47O0100503240000000002838



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