5 modules in a week

Farewell caravans and condemn houses. For all children, for their parents, for the elderly’s sore eyes. This week of hard work and strong emotions is ended up with 21 hugs. A hug for each people we helped by delivering them a decent accommodation. Thanks to those who are supporting us in this great project: “Una Casetta per Amatrice”/ A little house for Amatrice.

People have suffered long enough and that is what we do to make them stop.

We need hope and honesty.

Ninth module delivered – Paganelli, Norcia

A while ago, we have been contacted by a family with two children – one of them has a major autism syndrome. They told us their house was condemn due to the earthquake, but they did not received any official help and they did not know where to go. They told us they could not leave the territory, because Valerio – the little boy affected by autism syndrome – needed persistent treatments. They were desperate and asked us if we could have taken them a prefabricated module. We suddenly made our move, and here we are in Paganelli, in the proximity of Norcia, delivering a module to Valerio’s family.


Tenth module delivered – Cornillo Vecchio, Amatrice

Cornillo Vecchio, in the nearby of Amatrice, and Alessio is waiting for us with his wife. They have been waiting for their house for a long time. The night of August 24th, they were sleeping in Amatrice and besides the despair for what was happening, they also had the urge to keep their children safe (the older, 5 years old, and the younger still in his mom’s belly). They stayed in Ascoli for a while and it was there that the baby boy was born, in November. On March 14th, they came back home: now they are four! The sweetest repopulation of these lands.


Eleventh module delivered – Accumuli

In Accumoli there are 3 breeders brothers who cannot leave their land because of their work. Two of them are disabled, but they stay together to face life with dignity and courage. Their home is condemn and they asked us for some help. On March 16th, we delivered our eleventh module.

Twelfth module delivered – Casali di Sopra, Amatrice

We are in Casali di Sopra, Amatrice; we delivered the twelfth module of the project “Una Casetta per Amatrice”/ A little house for Amatrice. The beneficiary family consists of six people, including one with disabilities. Unfortunately, despite seven months have passed since the earthquake, many vulnerable families still have not received any support, which is why they are calling us asking for prefabricated modules. We need your help. Please help us by supporting the project “Una Casetta per Amatrice”/ A little house for Amatrice


Thirteenth module delivered – Figino, Posta (Rieti)

A special thanks to Ripartiamoinsieme – Committee on behalf of the victims of the earthquake of August 24th; they enabled us to buy and deliver this module to this family of Figino, a district of the municipality of Posta (RI).

A month ago, we got a message saying:”I’m a single mother, I have a 9-years-old boy and I do not have a house anymore. I’m desperate”.

Anna has lived in a caravan along with her baby boy and her brother. Their home is condemn. Until our intervention, they had to use the services of their parents’ house – even though it is condemn too – because they didn’t even had a toilet.

Thanks to Antonella Renaldi who took care, with us, of all the procedures needed to deliver this module.


“We need donations to keep on carrying these prefabricated modules to highly vulnerable families. Everything is fully transparent. A project that can be overseen from beginning to end. A solid project. “




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