A Little house for Aurora: the project starts

To meet Aurora is a unique and hart-to-tell experience.

Aurora is a little thing of about one meter, she is 14, super sweet and she suffers of several pathologies. Aurora lives in Colleposta, in the nearby of Accumoli, one of the district destroyed by the earthquake of August 24th, 2016. Now she is living in Castiglione di Montereale, 1200 meters above sea level, in a caravan in the snow, with no bathroom nor kitchen.

A home attendant is taking care of Aurora for 12 years, she knows all the needs of this young girl as her mother does. This family has been proposed to go to the hotel facilities on the coast but they could not accept without renouncing to the assistance she needs. The situation may be remedied by furnishing them a house with all the comforts of a real house with no architectural barriers.

The property of the family cannot be reached by a prefabricated house, meaning that we will have to build a bred new wooden house (working with assemblable elements).

This is our special case, participate in the project: united we stand!!


“Happiness is not universally measurable. The ways I achieve bliss are different from the ways YOU achieve bliss. Someone feel happy by reading a book, someone else by lying on a yacht and some other just playing with a set of keys. There is no way to compare my level of happiness while I am reading a book to your level of happiness while you have a walk in the mountains, simply because we all achieve bliss in different ways. But, if happiness is subjective, and so it cannot be objectively measured, how can we assign an objective value to a person’s life? If we want to define the value of a person’s life as the total amount of the happiness generates by that one person we could not define it objectively since happiness itself is not measurable. It is impossible. There is no way to attribute an objective value to the human life. But, if it is impossible to give a value to a human life, it logically turns out that all the lives have the same value. All lives are worth living and none can state a life is superior to any others.”

These were Valerio Capraro’s thoughts while he was getting out from Aurora’s caravan. All girls, at the age of 14, use to start the most exciting phase of their life: first friendships, first loves, first nights out, first kisses.. but not Aurora. Aurora cannot talk, she nourish herself by means of a tiny tube and the most fun she can get is playing with a set of key. She won’t never kiss a boy, she won’t never walk down the aisle, she won’t never see her children grow. She won’t even receive a text message from a boy, yet when she is playing and the key pops out her happiness is comparable to the happiness of a girl of her own age receiving a text from the boy she likes.

Aurora’s life is worth living. Unfortunately, right now she is not living it with dignity, which is why, we, La Via del Sale Onlus, would love to give her a wooden house.

To realize this project we need the help of all of you. Even yours. Thank you!






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