Amatrice Hospital – The German government has donated 6 million euros to rebuild the hospital; where should it be rebuilt? Here is our point of view on the current controversy

Before the earthquake of August 2016, the Grifoni Hospital was hard to reach from the several districts of central Italy: its positioning – nearby the city gates of Amatrice, located in a complicated part of the mountains contributed in the decrease of people utilizing such hospital (therefore, there were several talks of shutting it down). Believe it or not, people would rather drive over 30 km to get to the Hospital of Rieti or to the Hospital of Ascoli, instead of going to the Grifoni.

Then the earthquake happened and the hospital was destroyed.

A few days ago, the German government donated 6 million euros to rebuild the hospital. A great news that nonetheless leaves us with two possibilities:

– rebuild the hospital where it used to be – at the city gates of Amatrice – with the risk of shutting it down in ten years because of the uncomfortable position. Leading to the waste of the money invested.

– invest the money in a new project: rebuild the hospital along the via Salaria so that it may be not only accessible to those leaving in Amartice but also to all those living in the districts of the surrounding municipalities.

The answer may seem obvious, but the mayor of Amatrice surprised all of us by saying that he desire to rebuild it right where it used to be.

Why such a decision?

  • In a quoted text of the 1st of August, you can read: “Questa è la parola data” (this is what was promised) – Sergio Pirozzi [1].

With all due respect, in our opinion this is not an appropriate motivation. We believe that the German government would rather help thousands of people instead of hundreds, actually we are quite convinced of this.

  • In another quoted text of August 1st, you can read: “Quando c’era da battagliare sull’ospedale, il sindaco di Amatrice ha fatto la solitaria, senza nessuno al suo fianco, se non la sua gente” (on the topic of the hospital, the mayor of Amatrice fought with nobody on his side except for his own people) – Sergio Pirozzi [2]

We have always sided with the hospital opposing to shutting it down, even signing numerous petitions, nevetheless we believe that a public administrator should be driven by a sense of efficiency and equity, not by revenge.

  • Finally, the topic was discussed in a press release of the 19th of September signed by the mayors of 9 municipalities of the seismic crater who declared they wanted to rebuild the hospital along the via Salaria. In this press release, you can read a new reason why not to move the hospital: “non ci sono terreni” (there are no available sites). [3]

On the contrary, the other nine mayors claimed that there are many available sites along via Salaria nearby Torrita. Naturally, verification will have to be made which require time but so will the demolition of the old hospital. We believe that during this time evaluations of better options should be discussed.

Rebuilding the hospital where it used to be is a wrong choice, a waste of money and a wasted opportunity to relaunch the territories of the seismic crater.

This is why we want to join the mayors of Accumoli, Antrodoco, Borbona, Borgovelino, Castel Sant’Angelo, Cittareale, Micigliano, Montereale and Posta and firmly ask mayor Pirozzi: please make a good choice for the surrounding communities and let the hospital be rebuilt along via Salaria.


Stefano Petrucci, mayor of Accumoli

Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of Amatrice

Alberto Guerrieri, mayor of Antrodoco

Maria Antonietta Di Gaspare, mayor of Borbona

Emanuele Berardi, mayor of Borgovelino

Luigi Taddei, mayor of Castel Sant’Angelo

Francesco Nelli, mayor of Cittareale

Emilio Salvati, mayor of Micigliano

Massimiliano Giorgi, mayor of Montereale

Serenella Clarice, m mayor of Posta




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