We have two basic working machines for dairy cattle breeders:
– A Milking Machine Alfa Laval 6 + 6 herring-bone
– A 3,000-litre fridge

Such machineries will be donated to one or more breeders’ families

If you need one or both of these machineries, you can request them by specifying the following information:
– Company details and company owner personal data, including telephone number
– Machinery you are applying for (milking machine, refrigerator, both)
– Condemn certificate of the stable (if owned) or condemn self-certification (specify condemn category)
– Condemn certificate of the house (if owned) or condemn self-certification (specify condemn category)
– Short description of the family unit and its living conditions
– Any other information deemed useful for the purpose of the attribution

Call deadline on 31st March 2017 at 11.59 p.m.

The suitable facilities will be inspected after the deadline of the call. In the occasion of the inspection, the evaluation report will be compiled. Table 1 shows the scoring scale that will be used for each machinery.  On April 8th, 2017 (except for high number of applications), the waiting list will be published and the machines will be awarded to the company who collected the highest score. In case of tied score, we will proceed by lot. Requests can be sent via email to or via private message to our Facebook page. If you cannot send an e-mail or a private message, you can send us an SMS or call 333 8071505 and give your name and your phone number, the above-mentioned documents will be asked at the time of the inspection.

Scoring Scale
Machinery already owned before August 24th, 2016 (Score: 5)
Destroyed machinery (Rating: 5)
Machine intact but not usable (Score: 3)
Number of animals from 5 to 10 (Score: 2)
Number of animals greater than 10 (Score: 4)
Stable condemn or destroyed (category D and E) (Score: 5)
Stable partially condemn (Score: 3)
Institutional tensioned structure not installed yet (Score: 1)
Casa Umbria not installed yet (Score: 2)
Company with regular employees (Score: 3)
Family with the only income of agricultural activities (Score: 5)
Breeding for exclusive production of milk and derivatives (Score: 4)
Milk production for sale (Score: 4)
The company have not received any machinery donations (Rating: 3)
The family have not received any living module yet (Score: 3)
The company lost essential machineries (tractor etc.) (Score: 4)
Condemn or destroyed house (Score: 5)



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