Earthquake: La Via del Sale Onlus meets Conte

“Thanks to the efforts of Gabriele Lorenzoni deputy of the M5S we were able to have a positive and constructive meeting with the  Premier Giuseppe Conte. During his visit in Accumoli we handed him a document constructed and written during all these months of hard work near the people affected by the earthquake. These is what was staeted by the Via del Sale Onlus directly involved since august of 2016 through various interventions of solidarity in the areas affected by the earthquake. “ Lavia del sale onlus also states that The theme of the document is the critical lack of norms and legislations regarding calamitous events, huge gaps that we believe should be discussed in institutions in territories with high seismic risks, allowing adequate norms and legislations to be formed.  We truly wish to thank deputy Lorenzoni for the meeting we had and that he commited himself in helping the people affected by the earthquake, we are convinced that the institutions will use at their best the experience gained e civil commitment of the Via del Sale Onlus.

Lorenzoni: “Grande sensibilità del premier verso il nostro territorio”



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