Fundraising Closure – “Una Casetta per Aurora”/ “A little house for Aurora”

We formally announce the closure of the fundraising for the project “Una Casetta per Aurora”/ “A little house for Aurora”. We have finally raised the amount to cover any expenses (taxes, construction, furniture, etc.).

Special thanks to the AIC – Associazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian Footballers Association), who helped us in making this dream come true through the AIC Onlus. With a 30,000 euros endowment spontaneously raised by the members, it is finally possible to carry out this project.

Aurora, the 14-years-old girl suffering from a serious syndrome that prevents her from communicating, eating, and walking, is still sleeping in a caravan – 7 month after the earthquake. Thank to your support she will go back to sleep in warm, welcoming and ANTI-SEISMC house.




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