Getting ready to remove the prefabricated wooden houses donated by La Via del Sale Onlus

We are preparing to remove the prefabricated wooden houses donated by the Via del Sale Onlus, used for such a long time by the people hit by the earthquake. Finally, after almost 2 years of waiting our people have finally received the emergency housing.

In these last days, we have received many requests from owners of second homes who desire to come back to the area. Natives have a soul bonding relationship with these areas, it is of utmost importance to repopulate these lands and to help and support the economy.

We truly wish we could help everyone but unfortunately, we cannot afford it.

So, with full respect of the project “Una Casetta per Amatrice”, we want to tell to the thousands of donors our decision to give back the prefabricated houses to the supplier, whom will deposit a donation to our Association aimed to finance our next competition notice for business activities.

For all those that desire to acquire a home for the summer period we kindly ask to consult the administration of your local areas and not to act by themselves. We also would like to remind that as regulated by law (dpr 380 art. 6 Ebis) the houses cannot be placed for a period longer than 90 days.




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