Giant thanks from Aurora

These days we posted all the newspapers’ articles and TV reports of the warming party of Aurora’s House on Facebook. No Need to lie: you won’t forgive us for spamming your walls.

Now it is time to look forward. It is time to figure out what to do to keep on helping those who are about to cope with another severe winter in the crater.

Before moving on, we want to deeply thank all the people who took part in fulfilling such an amazing dream.


Thanks to all donors who gave us their trust and money, starting from the AIC – Associazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian footballer association) for its unbelievable generosity amounting to 30.000 € donation and getting to the sweetest donation ever consisting in a 5 € donation on the behalf of a baby girl. Associations, individuals, everyone.. all of you (listed in the follows).

Thank you to the energy and humanity of Anna Maria Di Placido, Aurora’s home attendant for 12 years – without her request for help this project would have never started.

Thanks to the engineer Federico Focaroli, man of few words and with a good heart.

We are glad we had the chance to meet Roberto Del Bianco and Giorgio ProviniCentrolegno Company. Giorgio, site manager, took care of each step of the construction phase armed with patience and professionalism.

We also want to thank Clemente Aloisi and Giorgio Nibbi, who, respectively, took care of the electrical and water system.

Thank you to the municipality of Besozzo (Varese) that raised 12.000 € intended for the ornaments and the household appliances. Our warmest hug goes to the tenacious and sympathetic mayor Riccardo Torchio and to the Architettura d’Interni Pedroni.

The mayor of Montereale, Massimilano Giorgi supported us in getting out of the Italian bureaucracy and in asking the emergency procedure to the Civil Engineering of L’Aquila. He let us have all permission needed in record time.

Least but not last, we want to thank the media, press and TV channels. Particularly we want to thank all the reporters which are following us for months and who really care about us and about our work. Thank you to all who believed in this project since the beginning and who helped us in raising money: Pio D’Emilia, Vito D’Ettore and Patrizia Senatore. Thank you to those who came for the warming party of the house of Aurora and showed our little miracle to the whole of Italy: Francesco D’Amore, Stefano Buttafuoco, Alessia Guerrieri, Barbara Masulli, Patrizia Senatore.

Thank you everyone on the behalf of Aurora, of her mom, Annamaria, her dad, Angelo and her little brother Mario.

Donors Full List:

Abis Federico e Curreli Simona
AIC Associazione Italiana Calciatori
Armanini Maria Vittoria
Armonici Luca
Bassi Nancy
Bertolli Franca
Bianchi Stefano e Chiurli Nicole
Boldi Simone
Borghi Francesco
Bruni Francesco
Caciula A
Calogero Giammusso
Campodonico Rita
Camponeschi Loris e Aloisi Tiziana
Cangemi Onofrio
Capit Rieti
Casale Nibbi Azienda Agricola
Cato Sabatino
Cervieri Stefania
Cianci Massimo
Cogotti Sara
Comitato San Luigi Caselle
Compagnucci Angelo
Corpo Musicale “Giuseppe Verdi”
Crocetta Gianfranco
De Benedictis Angela
Dell’erba Diego
De Maio Roberto
De Santa Fausto
Di Bartolomeo Graziella
Donna Barbara
Falcinelli Alessandra
Ferioli Erika
Ferrero Andrea
Fondazione Anna Valeri Dellepi
For Pietro
Forgione Vincenzo
Franco Cristina
Galassi Alfonso e Caligiani Loretta
Gamba Annalisa e Mauri Ettore
Gamba Emanuela e Togni Tiziano
Gentilucci Sara
Giacomello Cristiano
Giammusso Calogero
Giordani Rob
Grimoldi Laura
Groppi Sergio
Gruppo Arcieri di Raci
La Carovana dei Sorrisi
Lopez Ilaria
Loreti Luca
Magni Alessandro
Magri Giuse
Marone Anna Lucia
Miciano Alice
Morabito Elisa
Morello Fabrizio
Motolese Antonio
Mura Grazi
Negri Nunzia Elena
Negri Valerio Luca
Nicoletti Danila
Palma Luigi
Palmarocchi Patrizio e Santilli D
Palmieri Loredana
Pelliccioni Francesca
Perani Stefania
Peresan Carla
Pittana Giovanni e Vergani Pier
Prina Paolo Carlo
Poggi Tommaso
Poschi Meuron Francesco
Proloco Bagnolo Cremasco
Raso Roberto e Traverso Tiziana
Ratto Vincenzo e Antonucci Virg
Ravaioli Marina
Rossetti Andrea
Rossi Roberto
Sabbi Francesca
Sacchetti Elena
Sartor Giorgia
Santimone Damiano
Scarpa Melissa e Scarpa Paolo
Sforza Em
Studio Legale Architetti Bulgh
Studio Legale Giuliano e Giorg
The Fact Associazione Culturale
Tullo Ignazio e Matromauro Luisa
Turin Gilberto
Tuveri Maurizio e Serra Anna
Vanzo Valentina
Vecchi Michela
Vigna Francesca
Visintin Alice
Volpi Daniele
Zanin Michela



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