Hotel77 closes – 84 earthquake victims left on the street, bags in hand

Do you have any idea what losing your home means? Being sent to a hotel, getting used to it and suddenly having nowhere to stay again… This is the reality of what just happened to 84 people of the district of Tolentino. They lost their homes because of the earthquake and should have been hosted by the Hotel77 of Tolentino until the end of February 2018. Unfortunately, the hotel has been sold and, believe it or not, arrangements for how to deal with these people have not been determined. They were given 7 days to find somewhere else to stay. Disables, elderlies, children. Only 7 days and then off they go, like nomads, like a problem to get rid of and something for someone else to deal with.

People should have been hosted in hotel facilities while waiting for the SAE and/or the apartments purchased by the government. Unfortunately, according to the law the SAE should have taken MAXIMUM 8 months to be delivered since the citizens sent the request but we are aware that the institutional delay has gone far beyond any legal limit and breaking point (at present, only one-third of the house have been delivered).

Do you see the gravity of the situation?

Today, November 29th, 2017, 84 people are paying for the failure of the institutions.



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