President of the Republic Delivered Certificates and Badges of Honor

Our President, the young Elisa Aloisi, has been officially invited to Palazzo del Quirinale as representative of La Via del Sale Onlus at the Ceremony for the Delivery of Certificates and Badges of Honors of the President of the Republic.

We have millions thoughts on our minds, but there is one that encompass them all: Resilience.

It was our key word.

We have been through awful shakes and we came across an emergency that completely took us, took our time, took our souls.

This association has been a bet, a choice of passionate enthusiasm, a thirst for justice and resolution, a gathering of courage and a desire for life. We set this Onlus up because we had the need of making sense of what happended and to what is still happening – this time to our homes as well. No matter what, you must keep looking for something good and if you cannot find it, well, you create it!

And this is exactly what La Via del Sale Onlus is.. something good!

At the ceremony there were also Luca Francucci (treasurer) and Eleonora Cenfi, who received the title of ‘Alfiere della Repubblica’ for “having cooperated within’ the Settlement Centre / Clearing House of Cittareale since the first few hours after the earthquake performing the most varied tasks, including the door-to-door aids delivers in the most affected district.”

This recognition is up to young people who have not reached the age of majority; it rewards the merit in studies, in cultural, scientific, and artistic or sporting activities, as well as engagement in volunteering or individual acts inspired by altruism and solidarity.




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