RESILIARTE #lArtediResistere / #ArtOfWithstanding – April 23rd, 2017

On April 23rd, 2017, an event to support Amatrice and all the municipalities in the nearby, which is also an art exhibition, a live concert and much more!

In nature, the concept of resilience is opposed to the concept of impotence. Resilience in a broader sense is the ability to resist, to rise, to proactively respond to a certain upheaval.

Every day we start again from this word, which represent at the same time a statement of intent and a manifesto. It represents the genetic code that gave body, voice and soul to each step we took after that terrible August 24th, 2016.

WE belong to those lands; we have a bond/connection that no magnitude will ever break. And so we still need YOUR help, to support those who need us.

We invite you to participate in RESILIARTE #lArtediResistere / #ArtOfWithstanding, an event born from the desire to share with you the GREAT results achieved and to tell you about those that still remains to be done. THIS TIME with the participation of so artists, live bands and singers!

If resilience itself helps us resist, paired with art it makes us invincible!

The venue, Cantine Cavour, will be set up with paintings and posters of artists who have joined the initiative of helping the people of the Central Italy. The artefacts may be purchased on-site.


– Marta Baroni

– Marianna Coppo

– Giulio Barresi

– Sciame

– Blanca

– Giulio Pierannunzio

– Alex Castelli

– Manfredi Ciminale

– Margherita Barrera


– Silvia Onorati

-Maia Palmieri

– Nanina Coloretre

– Paolo Pozzetto

– Aldo Mingozzi Painter (in cooperation with the association Libra 2.0)

– Eugenio Monti

– Gaspare Mutolo

10 p.m. – 12 a.m. live performances:

– Dodo

– TomArmati & I Disarmati

– Keet & More

12 a.m. – 2 a.m. dj set offered by Cantine Cavour

REGISTER and PARTICIPATE FREE OF CHARGE by clicking the link below:


#Resiliarte is #lArtediResistere / #ArtOfWithstanding!

We will keep on building a “Una Casetta per Aurora”/ “A little house for Aurora”… what about you?



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