Sixteenth module delivered – Grisciano (RI)

Did we ever tell you about our name?

‘La via del Sale’ refers to the Via Salaria, the main road connecting all the communities of our land.

A path of cohesion and of reunion with those who live all around us. Also with those we would love to have around.

This is the story of Roberto and Luigina, forced to separate after losing their home in the earthquake. He had to stay to take care of the cattle, so he decided to send his wife Luigina to a hotel on the east coast.

Roberto spent the winter alone, in a caravan in Grisciano, but the thought of knowing his wife, his daughter, and his grandchildren safe is stronger than anything else.

His wife has to bear the thought of losing her home and she also had to accept to be so far from her husband; conversely, someone cannot make it.

It is their daughter; she is lucky to have a job, but forced to travel every day from San Benedetto to Amatrice. She wakes up, gets ready, leaves, works, and comes back home: she has to go back to the coast to her children and there is no place to stay in the caravan with her dad.

Today, the sense of cohesion and reunion has taken the shape of a small house: the sixteenth one.

Roberto will be finally able to live with dignity, to welcome his daughter – so that she will not be forced to travel every day – ant to meet his wife again.

A story of hope, a love story… La Via del Sale Onlus… how sentimental.



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