The Fundraising for Aurora is proceeding really well

Before updating you on the fundraiser, we are pleased to inform you that Aurora and her family are fine, although on January 18th they have been through a very hard time since they are now living right in the epicentre of the last earthquake. We were on the phone with Aurora’s mom at the time of the 5.5 shake.

It is hard to explain how we felt when Aurora shouted on the phone and her mom mourned and yelled: “Help! Help! Everything is turning around! …”

The situation had been very delicate for a few hours, since they were isolated, in the snow and constantly struck by strong earthquake shakes. They were finally rescued and now some relative in L’Aquila is temporarily hosting them. They are waiting for the house.

Let’s get to the update: fundraising proceeds really well!

The amount of people who is contacting us and sending their help leaves us speechless.

The sympathetic Italy is amazing, the Italy that helps!

So far, we have raised 24,807 euros. Yes, you read it right: twenty-four thousand eight hundred seven Euros.

We are evaluating several quotations, profiting of these days of bad weather that make impossible to start the construction site.

Being honest, we have passed the minimum threshold and this allows us to change our project.

Therefore, it is time to tell you that we change our goal: not prefabricated module, but something more..

So please keep on supporting us, share the news and the word-of-mouth. Why? Because fundraising is going on..

We want to donate a castle to our princess!

DONATE NOW TO SUPPORT THE PROJECT “Una Casetta per Aurora”/ “A little house for Aurora”



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