“The house of Aurora” warming party

In our lives there are only a few days that are really worth living. The days we will be able to remember when we will be 80, can be counted on our fingertips. For us, today is one of those days.

Today one of our dreams came true. A Huge one. We built a real house for a disabled baby girl victim of the earthquake, who lived over one year in a caravan.

This is not a temporary house, but a real authentic and lifelong lasting one. This has been possible thanks to the donations received from all over Italy. We can’t believe we made it! This is the best thing we have ever achieved in our lives!

It doesn’t stop here. Today we also want to expose the government and demonstrate that it is not using money properly. It has been frequently stated that the “temporary houses of the government are too expensive! It’s a waste of the public money”. Usually people just chat without proving otherwise. But not us. Today we can demonstrate we build a brand new, permanent and anti-seismic house. It costed 1315€ per square meter, much less of the temporary house provided by the government (1650€ per square meter, on average). Today we want to unmask the government: we have demonstrated – on paper – that by saving 20%  they could have also built top quality structures instead of containers disguised as houses.

This video shows the joy of this day in a minute and a half. The House of Aurora – Worming Party.

Una casa per Aurora ma anche per Mario, il suo fratellino. 8 anni, appassionato di dinosauri, lo sguardo vispo e dolce. Al microfono di Barbara Masulli dice che adesso lo attenderà una “vita bella” grazie alla casa costruita da La Via del Sale Onlus.

Il servizio di Tv2000 (che ringraziamo di cuore!)

“Un miracolo fatto di cemento e legno, arredi, peluche e palloncini colorati. Un miracolo di 66 metri quadri: quelli della casa, una casa vera, una casa definitiva, donata da un’associazione di giovanissimi volontari, i ragazzi de “La Via del Sale”. Sabato è stata inaugurata, tra la commozione di tutti, nella piccola frazione di Castiglione, a Montereale, in Abruzzo. In via della Speranza. Una speranza diventata realtà”.

L’articolo di Elena Barlozzari per Il Giornale

La piccola terremotata dimenticata dallo Stato torna a sorridere

(Leggi l’articolo)



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