Third cottage delivered. Annunziata, the earthquake and ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease affecting the central nervous system, i.e. the brain and the spinal cord. The neurons that control the voluntary muscles and the spinal cord gradually weakened due to the muscles decreasing in size.

The consequences are dramatic: there is a gradual paralysis of the four limbs and of the swallowing, breathing and speech muscles. However, despite the progressive blockage of the muscles, the cognitive abilities remain unharmed: the mind remains vigilant, imprisoned in a body that becomes motionless.

Disabling, inflammatory, autoimmune, neurodegenerative: ALS can be all this. This kind of illness completely distort the flow of time for the patient and for his/her family; this illness cause painful symptoms and it is very hard to understand and to accept.

Annunziata is 75 years old and she is terminally ill with ALS. She lived in one of the district of Cascia, just 11km from Norcia, and her home – still pending official inspections – suffered considerable damages after the By now it has been declared condemned by some engineers. Clinical hospitalization has therefore been mandatory, as she has no place to stay and her fragile situation is forcing her to stay in bed, attached to a respirator and to a PEG (internal nutrition). The clinic is located in Spoleto and her family members cannot stay next to her because they cannot arrange back and forth travels since they are passing through hard times and they are sleeping in camps set up by the Civil Protection.

They would want a different solution. They do not want Annunziata to spend the last period of her life in a cold hospital room. Alone. They would like to have Annunziata around to stay with her in this last and hard life’s path. Day after day. Minute after minute.

They asked for our help: in agreement with the mayor of Cascia, we have brought Annunziata back home, where she can stay with her family.

La Via del Sale Onlus took care of the transporting and the assembling of the prefabricated module and thanks to your donations, Annuziata can now be with her loved ones again and live face this illness surrounded by the affection of her family.

We cannot fight a disease, but we won against housing problems and distance once again!

Certainly, this delivery had the strongest emotional impact on all of us. Perhaps someone will not share the choice of giving a module to a terminal ill patient, but our choice came from the heart. We gave relief to Annunziata and to her family; the family has been grateful for having the chance to take care of the woman again.

A caress, a kiss, combing her hair and arranging her blankets; that is what we keep on hoping, in the name of Love.




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