Thirty-first deliver – Cossara, Amatrice

Thanks to the project “A little house for Amatrice” we have been able to put a roof over 110 people’s heads including children, elderly and disabled. All victims, not only of the earthquake but also of the reckless bureaucratic delays.

Without voluntary organizations those people would still be waiting for an accommodation. Our prefabricated modules, although on wheels, are still a form of a home at least for now.

Without donors we would have not achieved such a result. Some donated money, whole other helped us spreading our organization and out plea for help. All together we have become a fully functioning machine.

The thirty-first prefabricate house has been delivered to Cossara, Amatrice. Claudia used to work in a supermarket in the centre of Amatrice. On the night of August 24th, Claudia and her son dashed outside their home and tried to help dig people out of the rubbles. While Claudia’s Claudia’s home was not seriously damaged the earth still shakes too much to feel secure in one’s home. Therefore they decide to move into a caravan.

Claudia, her son and her parents endured the earthquake of October in the caravan but they could not bear the cold weather. With the arrival of winter the caravan became a cold storage. Her parents got seriously sick and suddenly her son started filling bad too. They decided to got back home and pray that the structural damages would resist all the shakes. Unfortunately, with the major earthquake of January, their house was completely condemned. They were forced to return to the caravan. With extremely cold temperature inside during the winter, and extremely hot in the summertime. According to the season, their caravan becomes either a cold storage or a hot oven. To make the matter worse: the supermarket were Claudia used to work reopened in the new commercial area in Amatrice and while its hiring, her name is not on the list.

How long can a family or a person last without a job or a place to call home. Therefore we decided to deliver the thirty-first prefabricated house to this unfortunate family, for every one needs a ray of hope now and then.



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