TV2000 with Valerio Capraro and the Head of Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio

“Is there, in your opinion, the need for an organic law that allows private individuals to build their own temporary housing in case of natural disasters?”

“When you talk about “private side” and “do-it-yourself” there is always a lot to say. Concerning the ‘do it yourself’ I can state that the weakest always loses. But yes, I think so!”

This is how, Fabrizio Curcio, the Head of Civil Protection, replied to our deputy president’s – Valerio Capraro – question.

The fear of creating inequalities disregards the differences that already exist. Indeed, there are people who may provide themselves a prefabricated module but there is no law that allows that (and so we end up talking about tough matters such as urbanisation abuse). Then, there are people with no such resources – the weaker ones. However, with a law defining when a module can be installed, things would be different. A law that may protects everyone and comes everywhere, even there, in the “periphery of the earthquake”: where twenty years old people can come, but institutions do not.



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