Twenty-eighth module delivered – Norcia


Today we shall narrate a story, a story from far away, from the borders of Italy, a story from norther Italy.

Indeed, a few weeks ago we received a call and a great news from the provincial consulate of Bolzano: ”We would like to donate a prefabricated house on wheels to a family hit by the earthquake”.

We told them about a family from Savelli, next to Norcia, who have been living in a caravan since October 30th 2016 because their home is condemned type E. The family is composed of four people and they cannot leave the territory since they own an agricultural holding. They are forced to live in a caravan because the governmental house has not arrived – and works have not started yet.

People from Bolzano could not believe that the situation is still so desperate. They have agreed to take a prefabricated house on wheel to this family.

And here we are, with our friends from Bolzano, delivering the 28th house of the project “A Little House for Amatrice”.

Charity is wonderful, mostly when it crosses Italy from Bolzano to Norcia.



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