Twenty fifth delivery – Accumoli (Rieti)

We are pleased to announce the delivery of the 25th prefabricated house!

This has been possible only thanks to you, to your donations, to your sharing our events and the word of mouth.

Please keep on supporting us.

The housing emergency is not over.

La Via del Sale Onlus delivered the twenty-fifth prefabricated house on wheels to a needy family of Poggio Vitellino, in the municipality of Amatrice. This was made possible thanks to the fundraiser promoted by the association. The prefabricated house is fully furnished; it has a toilet, two bedrooms, a little living room and a kitchenette. The beneficiary family is composed of five people of which one is a 100% disable and another is a boy of two.

La  Via del Sale Onlus is composed of young people from nearby Rieti area who stand up to protect the rights of the people affected by the earthquake, has now helped 90 people. “This donation sheds the light on an issue that no one has ever mentioned: The State house will be provided only to those whose house is condemned type E, whereas those whose house is condemned type B are not qualified for aid. Maybe the original idea was to renovate the type B houses in a very short time but unfortunately, no such thing occurred. As a result, the families whose house is of type E are slowly receiving the SAE (emergency housing solutions) and the family whose house is of type B are still living in caravans.”

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