Two pellet stoves delivered – Donated by the Capriana Association

Yesterday was a sunny day in the surroundings of Amatrice. It was quiet and peaceful.

We delivered two pellet stoves donated by the Capriana Association whose members drove all the way from Mantova to be present during the delivery.

 The day started at the agri-tourism Lu Ceppe, where we were offered some cheese and sausage products to thank us for the “pasquarella” performed by our friends from Marche. After that, we moved to Bacugno, a ward of the municipality of Posta (Rieti), to deliver the first stove to Assunta and her husband Antonio: their house is condemned due to its proximity to severely damaged houses. Assunta offered us some beverages while Antonio joined our musicians with his “organetto” to celebrate the new stove.

The second delivery was at Santa Croce, a ward of the municipality of Cittareale (Rieti), Maria welcomed us and told us her story: her house is condemned and so she returned to live in the container provided to her after the earthquake of ’79.

After the second delivery, we said goodbye to our friend of the Capriana Association, but only after making Cecilia Tondini, the president of the association, dance the “saltarello”. Next, we moved to Faizzone, nearby Amatrice.

We went to perform the “pasquarella” at  the Guerrini’s!!! We enjoyed a delightful surprise snack all together and they showed us so much love: Rita’s voice was filled with emotion while she was recounting to our friends from Marche of September 23rd, 2016, when we delivered to them the prefabricated house.

As the sun set we depart for our homes, with our souls filled with joy by such a pleasant day.



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