Warming Amatrice: The project starts

Winter is coming and the governmental facilities haven’t arrived yet. Three-quarters of the SAE still are unaccounted for, meaning that people affected by the earthquake of the Central Italy are still living in containers, prefabricated houses on wheels or in some other makeshift houses. People start feeling cold. The situation is dramatic. Indeed, some regions intend to take action against the company that produces and delivers the temporary houses.

We had an idea. A challenging project aiming at making a quick fix of the umpteenth delay of this post-earthquake recovery system. We want to cover the whole crater – as we did with the prefabricated houses – by delivering pellet stoves (or similar solutions, according to the needs of the beneficiaries). The project name is “Warming Amatrice” but it will go beyond the perimeter of Amatrice, reaching all the corners of the seismic crater.

Employees of Italian parliament and senate donated us 1100€ enabling us buying one of the first stoves and starting with the project. Request are many but together we can make it. United we stand!

 Let’s keep Amatrice warm, spread the word!




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