We literally are overwhelmed by your love!!!

Each Saturday TG3 news transmits the TV programme “PERSONE” – it demonstrates common people leaving their mark while staying off the radars. On Saturday, January 6th, we had the pleasure of being the protagonists of this feature. The programme recounted all of our volunteering experience related to the earthquake of Central Italy of August 2016. An extraordinary report by Patrizia Senatore who shed some light back on the earthquake victims. From that day we have been literally overwhelmed by your love, and we received many messages thanking us.

Nevertheless, we want to thank YOU because without your precious help such goals could have not been reached.

Click on the following link to see the full report transmitted by TG3 news –www.tg3.rai.it/laviadelsaleonlus

Many of you told us that you had been deeply moved and that you were captured by a specific phrase. Which is why we want to repost  it here below and challenge you all to fill your Facebook wall up with it. We want to encourage you to look beyond your nose, beyond the twisted news of the media, beyond the many lies of the politicians; beyond personal problems that often blind us before others’.

Let’s imagine that Marco only takes care of himself: nice clothes, dinners, travels etc. Will he have a legacy? No, he won’t.
Conversely, let’s suppose he does something for you reading, or that he manages to buy something for a family who has lost everything. What shall his legacy be then? Everything.
Things we do for others are our legacy. They make us immortal.




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