It starts back in 1953, in Cittaducale (Rieti), with a new born, Erminio. He grew up in the ward of Rieti, until he was a teenager and moved to Posta with his family. It was the 70s’. Erminio became a man and got married; his life went smoothly on for about 40 years, but then something broke. He and his wife divorced and in 2009 he moved to Monteleone Sabino. Unfortunately, things never worked out again.

When, on February 28th, 2016, Erminio came back to Posta, he had nothing left. He had no house nor job, nonetheless he had friends and their affection and he managed to be hosted for a few months; then he made a mistake. Due to naivety or lack of time he did not change his residence from Monteleone Sabino to Posta.

With the earthquake of August 2016 the house he was living in, in Posta, was declared condemned. Since, at that time, he was not resident in Posta and he is not the owner of a house in the seismic crater, he has no right to benefit from the help for the victims of the earthquake. He has no right to benefits from the Contribution for Autonomous Accommodation (the governmental monthly allowance for the victims of the earthquake) nor from the SAE (the renowned governmental houses). Erminio has literally been abandoned.

Nevertheless, he quickly reacted and managed to find a caravan from an association and he is been living in there for more than a year (at first, in a friend’s garden and after that in a site made available by the municipality of Borbona). In the meantime, Erminio tried to rectify his situation and request thru the municipality of Posta to change his residence so that he can have the aids he deserves. On January 3rd, 2018, the National Registry provides the final blow. His request to change his residence was officially annulled since the municipal police provides information to the municipality of Posta declaring that he was not a resident in the area.

Not only he does not receive governmental helps, he also also lives in indecent condition for a human being. Erminio has no facilities in his caravan, meaning that any time he has to go to the toilet he must go outside in a mountain area, where temperatures often go under zero. This is a very hazardous and difficult situation, that can lead to health problems. This condition also violates the article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services […].”

La Via del Sale Onlus strongly believes in the respect of Human Rights, and so we came up with a possible solution. We tried to privately communicate with the municipality of Posta but we had no answer, so we are publicly asking to make a site available (reachable from the street and provided with sewers, electricity and water connections) where we can bring a prefabricated house on wheels equipped with toilets and heating, so that Erminio may live in decent conditions. Clearly, all costs of purchasing, transport and positioning are on us.

Alternatively, if there is no site available, we ask to provide Erminio with a house where he could live a decent and human life.

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