Bar Silvana Reopening – Pallottini, Cittareale

Dear Silvana,

It is impossible to describe what your bar means to us. Not only it is a place where we have had breakfast and got drunk in the evening. It represents so much more. We have sat outside and laughed there many endless nights, even in the cold winter weather. We gathered and cried when someone would lose a loved one, after the earthquake we gathered in silence and in shock when we came back shocked from Amatrice. We have loved each other and hated each other so many times. So many first kisses behind the stairs. So many fights. Friendships started and ended and so did loves. We spent there some of the most important moments of our lives.

Seeing it like this, condemned, shut down, it really hurts us. We were missing an integral part of our lives, a point of reference and happy memories.

Yesterday the bar reopened. It felt great. Not only is the new wooden bar great, but for us it has a deeper meaning. You taught us that we should never give up, that we should hold on and grow a pair when life gets hard. We should always find the strength to react.

Thank you for all you have done in the past and for everything you will keep on doing.

We love you!






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