This year we were able to help yet again the four regions hit by the earthquake. We decided to repeat the Christmas baskets from last year: 25€ for a basket containing typical products from the regions of Central Italy.

What will you find in the baskets?

  • Pig cheek from “Petrucci Enzo carni”, Arquata del Tronto (AP, MARCHE)
    • Pecorino Wine from “Cantina Nibi”, Offida (AP, MARCHE)
    • Truffle Salami from “Norcineria Laudani”, Norcia (PG, UMBRIA)
    • Biological marmalade from “Melamille”, Cittareale (RI, LAZIO)
    • Lentils from Sandro Perla, Norcia (PG, UMBRIA)
    • Ferratelle from “Gusto e tradizione d’abruzzo”, Lucoli (AQ, ABRUZZO)

We are still overwhelmed by the success of our projects and this is all thanks to you. In less than two weeks we delivered 500 baskets for more than 10.000 € – meaning that some of the enterprises hit by the earthquake have finally breathed a sigh of relief. And so did we!



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