Oissa 2 – Reconstruction’s Rights

Have you ever herd the expression “oh ìssa!”?

It comes from “issare” and “tirare” (to lift and pull), it is often used in crucial and difficult moments when the cooperation of more people is needed.

Oissa” is created with this concept in mind: Alterego – Fabbrica dei diritti, professionels from the legal field have drawn up a new vademecum containing the normative regulating the bureaucracy surroundings the seismic crater. They will arrange a set of public meetings and legal windows on site to discuss about: reconstruction, SAE, CAS, taxes and charges, suggestions for enterprises, earthquake risk prevention and much more.

First date? Sunday, February 18th at 10am at the facility Brigate di Solidarietà Attiva – Terremoto Centro Italia (Villa San Cipriano – Amatrice). A precious and completely free occasion.



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