The project #WalkwithPeter

Thank you, Peter and Francesco, for crossing our path and for getting emotional with us.

The project #WalkwithPeter is about the adventure of a young man who decided to start an unusual march: 400 km by feet all around the seismic crater’s perimeters. The goal? Raising funds to supports three post-earthquake projects. We met recently but there already is a strong connection among Peter and us: we both like serious and tough challenges.

The documentary from la Repubblica, Peter’s fourth stop in Leonessa (RI) and the warming party for “The House of Aurora”.

This is the fourth episode of #WalkwithPeter on We are emotionally very attached to this episode because it is about a very impressive challenge. Aurora and her family were living in a caravan since the earthquake of the last year, they suffered the cold and they lived in very hard conditions until they met the guys of La Via del Sale Onlus who delivered them a new house. 4 minutes are not enough to tell you about that morning and about these guys. Briefly, they helped people right after the first shake with no governmental support, and after that they started a fundraising that enabled them to deliver not only a real house to Aurora and her family but also 31 prefabricated houses to those whose house were condemned. They showed us that it is possible to achieve better results; they embarrassed the government by saving the 20% per square meter on the purchase of a house that is not temporary but permanent. I would love to thank some of them: thanks to Valerio Capraro who has the ability to make dreams come true; AnnaMaria Di Placido for her commitment and for having found the light at the end of the tunnel; Eleonora Rossetti for her passion and initiative, and for being so tough under her elegance; and then Lucia and Annamaria, Aurora’s Mother for her courage and of course all the people I have not mentioned but that are part of this charity group, La Via del Sale Onlus! Enjoy the episode!”




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