The “Warming Amatrice” project continues

The “Warming Amatrice” project continues in all areas of the seismic crater, just as all of our projects.

In the pictures we can see a stove and pellet storage point nearby Macerata. These were delivered in Camerino, San Martino di Fastra, Porto Potenza, Acquacanina, Petrignano, Fiordimonte and Pievebovigliana.

In March we supported a lot of citizens, shops and farm houses. Thanks to your generous donations and contibutions, La Via del Sale Onlus is able to keep on helping any earthquake victim asking for aid.

We want to thank in particular 1 Caffè Onlus this time  for its generous donation, that enabled us to buy 8 stoves, and our special friends from the Marche area  for buying enough pellets to keep warm their fellow-countrymen.




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