Today Amatrice is getting its primary care physician back.

From Camerino, Amatrice.

Some stories are nice to be told.  Others are beautiful, and today we have the honour of telling you a beautiful one.

Claudia is a super sweet woman from Camerino affected by Parkinson to which we delivered a prefabricated house on January the 3rd, 2017. Finally, a few days ago, she received the MAPRE, the state prefabricated module for breeders. Claudia called us to tell us and to return the prefabricated module so that we could have it delivered to another displaced family.

Among all the people still waiting for state facilities, a particular story touched us. The story of the only primary care physician resident in Amatrice who lost her home and ambulatory because of the earthquake and that now is forced to go back and forth from L’Aquila every day.

We confronted with Claudia and we decided together to move the house and take it to the doctor so that she could start practising again. We considered that by doing so, not only were we helping a family, but the entire community of Amatrice. We also enjoyed the philosophical idea of a patient being a doctor. Much like a life circle…

We delivered it today. It was a very long day, started at 5am but almost flew by thanks to Claudia’s hospitality. She prepared for us sweets and handmade ciauscolo sandwiches. You can see the primary care physician and us in the picture; we had just finished installing the house.  We are happy and honoured of being part of this huge act of love that crosses the Apennines from Camerino to Amatrice.



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