La Via del Sale Onlus
IBAN: IT47o0100503240000000002838
CF: 900 758 20 572


LA VIA DEL SALE ONLUS is a non-profit association with the aim of recovering, promoting and re-evaluating the areas of Central Italy affected by the earthquake of August 24th, 2016.

Deliver of Provisional Goods

La Via del Sale is intended to deliver essential goods and temporary prefabricated houses to families affected by the earthquake.


The association promotes fundraising through crowdfunding activities, event organizations and sale of symbolic objects to finance projects.

Territory Reassessment

The Association also aims to promote and re-evaluate all territories affected by temporary or permanent catastrophic events and to help them starting over.


All our projects in progress!

A Little House for Amatrice

In Progress

A Little House for Aurora



In Progress



  • AUGUST 24th, 2016

    A magnitude 6.0 earthquake destroys Accumuli, Amatrice and Arquata. 299 victims.

  • SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2016

    The project "Una casetta per Amatrice" has been launched by the delivery of the first prefabricated house at Faizzone (Amatrice). The project consists in collecting donations with which we buy prefabricated house for particularly vulnerable displaced families.

  • JANUARY 5th, 2017

    The project "Una casetta per Aurora" has been launched; it consists in collecting donations to buy a definitive wooden home for Aurora, a displaced little girl who suffers of severe disabilities.


    For the project "Una casetta per Amatrice”, we have raised over 280,000 euros, and we have been able to deliver 31 prefabricated house, and some others are on their way. For the project "Una Casetta per Aurora”, we have raised about 90,000 euros and the house was inaugurated.

About Us

The need to make sense of the widespread destruction of the recent earthquake moved many of us toward volunteering since the early hours after those cursed shakes. While everyone was watching images of pain and destruction on their television screens, we were digging in the surrounding areas of the epicentre and we sometimes pulled out death, other times life. Life is the reason why we keep on working and the reason why we will continue to do so thanks to the support of anyone who is willing to help us helping people: it is a play on words, but it all comes down to this basic term.

Here is the formal presentation of the ONLUS: Read...

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Initial Group

Via Provinciale 25, 02010, Cittareale (RI)

IBAN: IT47o0100503240000000002838


Elisa Aloisi


She lives in Cittareale; she is an 18 years old young woman attending the fifth grade of Scientific High School in Amatrice.

Valerio Capraro

Deputy President.

Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Middlesex. His family owns a house in Cittareale.

Luca Francucci


Native of Cittareale; he is studying Economics and he is also a sailing instructor.

Claudia Cannaviccio

Head of Activities

Public employee, mother of a 7-year-old boy. She lives in Rome and her family is native of Cittareale.

Eleonora Rossetti

Head of Communication.

She attends the School of Communication Sciences and she manage the family restaurant. Her mother is from Rome and her father is from Leonessa (Rieti).

Marco Margarita

Head of Events

He graduated in Law and he is now pursuing the apprenticeship as a lawyer. Native of Cittareale.

Roberto Viola

Website Manager

He is a Web designer and a Webmaster by profession and he owns a house in Cittareale, where he spent his entire childhood.

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